The goal is to identify and prioritize residential construction industry research needs and opportunities for the immediate future, with a focus on overcoming challenges and barriers in providing high-performance, superior quality, affordable homes. The outcome will be a National Research Agenda for Residential Construction (#Home2020) that will be used to direct federal funding, with leveraged industry support, to cross-disciplined innovation initiatives for the next five years and beyond.

What’s in it for me?

Participants will receive the final report with the results of the study. And participation will ensure that your issues are represented and your voice is heard.

Stakeholders Invited to Participate:

Builders | Trades | Product Manufacturers | Architects| Engineers | Designers | Researchers
Code Officials | System/Assembly Manufacturers | Academia | Federal Agencies | Consumers

Types of Feedback/Input/Ideas Sought:

Every-day or long-term construction process and technology challenges related to:
Barriers – regulatory, cost-related, innovation | Performance issues | Information & decision-making tools | Technology & information gaps | Unrealized opportunities | Broad research needs | Specific research needs

What other activities does #Home2020 include?

In addition to soliciting ideas through the portal, we will conduct focus groups, surveys, and a prioritization meeting of key stakeholder groups. If you are interested in being considered for these other #Home2020 activities, please contact us.

Will my name be shared in the reporting of the results?

No. Names of individual submitters or their organizations will not be shared unless specifically requested by the submitter.

Topical Categories:

Performance Categories
Construction Processes | Disaster Resistance and Structural Performance | Durability | Energy Efficiency | Fire Performance | Indoor Environmental Quality | Resource Efficiency | Water Efficiency | Comfort | User-Defined

Programmatic Categories
Code/Compliance Enforcement | Compliance with Above-Code Programs | Increased Competitiveness | Legislative and Regulatory | Outreach | Technology Transfer | User-Defined

Building System Categories
Foundation | Walls | Roof | Floors | Site | Decks | Whole Building | Panelized | Modular | Mechanical Systems | Innovative Materials and ProductsS